Coaching Philosophy


Inspired by the pioneering and World Cup-proven German approach to player development, the German Football Academy is a committed player development programme based in the Brent/Wembley area open for both boys and girls from the ages of 3-18, with a special emphasis on the age bracket of 3-12 year olds. Due to existing links with professional academies, outstanding players will have the opportunity to be invited to trials.


The coaching philosophy is based on the system of the German FA and professional German youth academies. This entails that all sessions are age-adapted and focussed on the versatility of each individual player and the development of their motor skills, technical and tactical ability as well as cognitive skills, while prioritising a positive atmosphere and an earnest enjoyment for the sport: wins and rankings are secondary; development and fun comes first.

Sessions usually last 60 minutes and are structured into various short blocks including: non-football related warm-ups such as catching games which focus on versatile movements; diverse and fun technical exercises to improve ball control; ever-changing small sided games based on football and other sports; engaging exercises to improve aspects such as shooting and dribbling; and open football games in small teams.


Our philosophy has been reviewed and praised by numerous coaches working at academies of the highest level in the UK, Germany and Spain.

Over the years the German National Team has developed its own unique and successful playing style centered around pressing, counterpressing, prompt transitioning after losing possession of the ball, controlled and precise passing, target-orientated ball circulation, sweeper keepers, many vertical passes and more.

As the age and skill level of the children permit, we aim to incorporate as many central tenets of the German playing style as possible into our training sessions and games.


Each session is structured and carried out by experienced, FA-qualified and CRB-checked coaches. Participants will be split into small groups depending upon age and skill levels. This approach allows us to focus on each individual player and develop them according to their needs and skill. We aim to help develop confident and well-rounded players who can showcase commitment, creativity and desire both on and off the pitch.