School Football

We offer a free taster session for any new school!

Our school sessions include but are not limited to PE, breakfast, after-school, school football team sessions and holiday camps and are uniquely designed based on the needs of each school and its curriculum and students.

Scientifically proven benefits of sports participation include improved physical health, enhanced self-esteem and self-efficacy, more effective life and social skills and better grades at school.

In recent times sports participation has however changed drastically for a variety of external factors. Children do not play outside, climb trees or explore the local lakeside nearly as often as they did 10 to 20 years ago. The basic motor and social skills of young players are thus underdeveloped and should be initially prioritised over the development of football specific skills. 

In order to tackle these recent issues sport must be enjoyable. For this reason we ensure that each and every session is diverse and engaging, packed with a variety of non-football related games and exercises with different balls paired with fundamental football games, all of which is designed to keep children interested and to foster the enjoyment of the sport, which hopefully leads to regular sports participation of every child. 

Our service includes the following and may be adapted accordingly:

  • Registration of children at the start of the session
  • Providing all the necessary equipment for the session
  • Changing children before and after the session
  • Delivery of fun and engaging sessions packed with a variety of sporting games and exercises
  • Consistent coaching team assigned to a school throughout the year to ensure a lasting relationship with the school and its students
  • Absent coaches are covered by internal staff
  • CPD and assessments of coaches